Sumi Promod


Being brought up in United States, I missed some great moments in India. I had visited India only a few times. My parents grew me up in Indian culture. But I didn't get a chance to learn or enjoy any dances since there were no dance schools near our place when I was growing up. I hope this website will give me a chance to learn more about classical dances.


Promod Antony


There needs to be someone in the audience side to appreciate the hard work of dancers and the crew behind it. That is my job as a program controller and technology advisor. I like taking videos, photos and play with technology. This website helps me to appreciate art forms and helps me to keep up with the changing technology.


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From experience, we learned that we are good listeners and good enthusiasts. We love to watch classical dance programs and wanted to explore more about it. We, as a family attend dance programs around the country. 


Classical Dance TV® is a family owned website. Our aim is to promote the art form, dancers, teachers, dance schools and associations that is related to the classical dance. We hope we will get a great support from you as a viewer or one among the people mentioned above.

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