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Classical Dance TV Website Re-Launch

  • 9 December 2011
  • Author: Sumi Promod
  • Number of views: 1791
Classical Dance TV Website Re-Launch
Classical Dance TV is an online video channel that is dedicated to all the artists who perform classical dances around the world. This will be an evolving online video channel. Here you will find videos, news, and information pertaining to Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Kathakali, Manipuri, Mohiniyattam, Odissi, Sattriya and Gaudia Nritya.

We all know that these artists have dedicated their time and energy to perform before us. Classical Dance TV wants to promote these talented artists to achieve their maximum goal as much as possible.

Many of us love to watch various dance forms sometimes we miss out too. Classical Dance TV website is place where you can meet artists and teachers. Dance schools have their fair share to be part of Classical Dance TV. We encourage all who love art forms to be a part of this family website. We also work with classical dance associations to promote classical dance.

We are very happy to re-launch this website on December 10, 2011
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